A little about me

About 8 years ago I moved from the South of England to Chesterfield, on the edge of the beautiful Peak District, UK. That move was part of a significant period of change in my life. After spending 20 years working within the charity sector, where I had worked to support many individuals, I made a decision to step out in studying counselling and psychotherapy.


This decision has enabled me to step into the role of a counsellor, where I now have the privilege of helping women uncover their true selves and embark on a journey of self-discovery.


Throughout my career and studies, I have developed a strong passion for supporting women and girls as they navigate their journeys of self-discovery and recognise their inherent value. Working with women has re-affirmed my profound belief in the potential and power of women who know their self-worth. I firmly believe that remarkable transformations occur when women embark on their healing journeys and gain a deeper understanding of their identities and purposes.


I thoroughly enjoy working with individuals on a one-on-one basis, as well as facilitating groups and collaborating with organisations to create nurturing spaces that foster self-care and interpersonal support.


Whilst I love what I do, I also love my time off. In between work and home life you will likely find me at a good coffee shop, latte in one hand and good book in the other*


*all coffee shop and book recommendations welcome

“Michelle is such a warm and approachable person. Even when I feel a mess she is consistent and calm, kind and encouraging”